Class Descriptions

Inner Fire Beginners:

For beginners and those who wish to reinforce the basics.


Inner Fire Yoga:

An artful balance of postures, yoga teachings, mantra and meditation for all levels.

Inner Fire Modified Yoga

Explore yoga through modifications to classic postures (asanas) along with other elements of yoga: the breath, sound, relaxation and concentration. In a non-judgemental environment, we will discuss aspects of body acceptance and awareness.


Inner Fire Flow:

Get ready for a challenging class chock full of classic yoga poses while you connect with your breath and the present moment. Open to all levels.


Kundalini Yoga:

Learn to relax, release and feel healthier through breathing, meditation, and yogic postures focused on moving energy.


Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga:

Yoga Postures and breath awareness to support the needs of expecting mothers! We will guide you through a class designed to support you through 3 trimesters of pregnancy and up to 12 weeks postpartum, with a focus on breath, strength and flexibility as you become more resilient during and after pregnancy. Open to all levels.


Ashtanga Led Primary Series

The traditional practice as introduced by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This is an intermediate class but modifications are offered to make the practice acessible to all.


Group Meditation

A seated, guided meditation and brief discussion on developing a regular meditation practice. Multiple traditions and approaches to meditation will be explored, including pranayama, mantra and visualization. No meditation experience is necessary! ** If combined with the preceding Thursday evening Inner Fire class, the meditation class is only $5! Yoga is an incredible way to prep the body & mind for a deeper meditation.



Restorative yoga is the subtle art of moving within. A very gentle and meditative practice, using props like blankets and bolsters to fully support the body while relaxing deeply into longer held poses that release deep tension throughout the body. Here we can fnd a space of receptivity, healing and transformation. This release can help quiet the mind, reduce chronic pain, soothe the nervous system and assist in injury recovery, amongst numerous other benefits of deep conscious relaxation. This class is accessible to all bodies.


All Yoga on Main classes can be attended on a drop in basis and you may start at any time without a reservation.