Namaste! 2017 marks Yoga on Main's 25th Anniversary, and we invite you to share in this amazing milestone with us! We will be celebrating with lots of special events throughout the year, and we have also created an Indigogo campaign to raise funds for improved services and programs. We hope you will consider making a contribution, and we look forward to seeing and serving you throughout the year! Please visit our Indigogo campaign HERE, and our deepest gratitude for your generous support!



To register for any event, you can email us or call 215-482-7877 and we will respond as promptly as possible! Please also note our refund policy under Schedule & Fees. Thank you!

Ongoing Monthly/Bi-Monthly Events

Chakra Meditation and Oneness Blessing

Every Other Monday Evening from 6:30-8:30pm - next session Monday, February 20th

(subsequent session: March 6th)

Suggested Donation - $5-$10

The format for the evenings is Sharing Circle, Chakra Dhyana and Oneness Blessing. All are welcome!

Alternately facilitated by Maureen Malone and Sharon Stratton, and Jana Pechmann Lunger and Eduardo Porro, Oneness Blessing Givers.

To register, please call Maureen at 215-424-4444 or 215-431-8838.

The Chakra Dhyana is a very powerful Spiritual Practice to awaken Kundalini, connect you with higher conscious, and clear and activate the 7 chakras. Using the Chakra Dhyana, we briefly chant the Bija Mantras for each Chakra. At the conclusion of the Chakra Dhyana the Oneness Blessing will be given. The Oneness Blessing is an energy transfer that initiates a neuro-biological change in the brain that connects us with spirit. It results in a growth in consciousness by creating a shift in the perception and experience of life. It is non-denominational; and awakens our connection with the oneness in everything, allowing each of us to deepen our relationship with ourselves, those we love, and with all that is.

Community Reiki Share, facilitated by Parvati (Maureen Heil) CRMT

First Thursday of each month from 8:00 - 9:00pm - next session: Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

Suggested donation: $7!

Whether you are a Reiki practitioner or want to receive the healing energy of Reiki, please join us as we share the healing energy with each other. Reiki energy goes where it is needed for the greatest good. It brings a feeling of profound peace and healing. We will have several tables available. Practitioners will take turns sharing Reiki healing energy, making it available to all.

Monthly Restorative Yoga with Shazz Rodriguez

Second Sunday of each month.

Sunday, March 26th* from 2:00 - 4:00pm - $25 (due to a scheduling conflict, the March Restorative will be held on the last Sunday of the month)

In this restorative workshop you will be restoring, de-stressing and rejuvenating all the chakras. This workshop incorporates the use of blankets, blocks and bolsters through a series of long, relaxing poses as well as passive stretching. It will allow for openness and healing to the body and mind. This type of practice will leave you feeling refreshed and refocused.


Once a Month on Thursdays!

Next Session: Thursday, February 23rd from 6:30-8:30pm (*please note new time!)

(subsequent dates: Thursdays, March 23rd and April 20th)

Fee: $25

To register, contact Maureen at 215-431-8838

FACILITATED BY: Maureen Malone and Sharon Stratton (and occasional guest teachers).

The format for these ongoing Thursday evening series will be information on a specific topic, sharing, one on one or written processes, and a group Breathwork session (Conscious Connected Breathing/aka Rebirthing).

The topics are chosen to offer something insightful and inspiring that can be used in your daily life, and the group breathwork session is for integration and to experience the power of Conscious Connected Breathing and what it can offer you.

CONSCIOUS CONNECTED BREATHING (Rebirthing) – is a form of dynamic breathwork that clears the emotional residue of the past and makes visible the true nature and aliveness of your spirit. The result is a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

Maureen Malone is Co- Center Manager with her husband Tony for The Philadelphia and New York Breathwork Center. She is a teacher of Rebirthing Breathwork, Personal Growth and The Loving Relationships Training for over 25 years. Private Breathwork sessions (Rebirthing) are available with Maureen by appointment at Yoga on Main. Website is:, or

Sharon Stratton is the Office Manager at STRATTON FAMILY CHIRORPACTIC WELLNESS CENTER in Doylestown. She is a Rebirthing Breathworker for over 21 years, and Access Consciousness Practitioner & Facilitator. Contact Sharon for private Rebirthing Breathwork Sessions & private Access Bars Sessions, located in her Doylestown office: 215-230-7001. Facebook page is: BREATH 4 JOY

February 2017

Inner Fire Winter Flow with Jessica Golden

February 8th - March 17th - Wednesdays from 6:30 - 7:30am; and Fridays from 7:00 - 8:00am

$12 per class

or $67 for a 6 class card

Join Jessica Golden for this 6 week/12 class series to turn those winter blues into fuel to ignite your inner fire! Each class will be a one hour flow designed to warm and invigorate your body & mind. You will start your day feeling uplifted and inspired!

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Shiva Das

4 Wednesday Evenings, February 15th, 22nd, March 1st and 15th from 6:30 - 9:30pm each evening

Investment - $108 for full course

or $30 per session

Join us for this fascinating study and immerse yourself into the primary underlying philosophy of Yoga! This experience will challenge your perspective, and change the way you see you and life itself! In This Course we will Investigate many topics, including the history of Vedic Philosophy & Culture; Patanjali the Ancient Sage; The purpose & goal of Yoga as well as the obstacles on the yogic path; the 8 fold practice of Ashtanga Yoga and results of yogic practice; and the nature of Enlightenment.

Early Morning Aquarian Sadhana

Sunday, February 19th from 5:00am - 7:30am


Get up before the sun and join us for this free practice in the amrit vela, the ambrosial hours before dawn. We start with about 20 minutes of reading from Japji Sahib, a Sikh scripture. After which we practice a Kundalini kriya (yoga exercises) together. Following the exercises, we chant the Aquarian mantras (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) for 62 minutes and enjoy a deep meditation. Start your day/week with this refreshing spiritual practice!

R & R - Restorative & Reiki with Parvati (Maureen Heil) and Shazz Rodriquez

Sunday, February 19th from 2:00 - 4:00pm

Experience the deep relaxation of Restorative yoga with the healing touch of Reiki in an afternoon that will have you melting. Using blocks, bolsters, & blankets, Shazz will guide you into restorative postures that will unravel tension while Parvati works around the room applying the therapeutic touch of Reiki. You will leave both relaxed & renewed. The class is led by Parvati Certified Reiki Master & Shazz Rodrigues, Certified Restorative Teacher.

Meditation for Peace with Mirella Nicholson

Friday, Februry 24th at 6:30pm

Donations graciously accepted for use of the space!

We will come together to chant and meditate, using the power of the collective to raise the vibration for peace!

Chant Workshop: Divine Harmony- Singing & Social Justice

Saturday, February 25th from 4:00 - 6:00pm

Investment: $25

Workshop +Saturday Evening Kirtan: $35

Bhakti yoga has the potential to create deep transformation, both inside of ourselves and in the world around us. This practice can help us to love ourselves and to love one another as we recognize sameness and difference, shadow and light. In this workshop we will use chanting, discussion and journaling to release judgement of ourselves and others, to explore ways to open our voices and sing in harmony, and to find our individual voice inside of the collective voice. When we sing from the heart we open to our divine potential. We tune our voices and hearts to that which is sacred, so we may use our voices as a tool for empowerment and social change.

Mantra Music Event with Kirtan Soul Revival

Saturday, February 25th at 8:00pm

$18 advance; $20 at the door

Sing, dance and revive your soul with an evening of healing call and response chanting, funky devotional music, and heart-felt sacred song. Through KSR's simple presentation, even non-singers can easily experience the joy of being surrounded by harmony in a space that encourages improvisation and exploration. Join us for a heart-opening, uplifting celebration of life!

-"Kirtan Soul Revival is a fresh and uplifting voice in the world of kirtan music. Vibrant soul-stirring singing with stellar harmonies and groovin' guitar - KSR will make your heart smile." - Sean Johnson, kirtan artist

March 2017

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training led by Judy Curiel, PhD, E-RYT 500

Saturday and Sunday, March 11th and 12th from 12 Noon - 8:00 pm both days
Investment : $345 - pre-registration by March 6th!

Restorative Yoga is a meditative style of yoga done on the floor with the support of props. It is the yoga on non-doing. In this restorative training, one will learn to teach restorative poses using blankets, bolsters, blocks, straps and cushions. There will be an exploration of both prop intensive and minimal prop poses. This is an interactive training with opportunity to practice teach and create poses. There will be discussion about marketing, sequencing, use of music vs silence, blanket folding 101 and more. A 42 page color manual is included.

Judy Curiel has been leading Restorative classes since 2007 and leading Restorative Teacher Trainings since 2010. She has trained with Sudha Lundeen, Shannon Paige, Jane Fryer and Judith Lasater. She is the only person in Pennsylvania who has earned the title of Advanced Relax & Renew Trainer.
For testimonials, see her website:

Spring Morning Retreat Week with Shiva Das

Monday, March 20th - Friday, March 24th from 6:00 - 8:00am each morning

Investment - $108 for full week

Or $25 per day

Start the new season with this amazing week-long retreat, and do it without traveling or taking off from work. We meet each morning for an intensive two-hour yoga/meditation class to experience the benefits of

-An inspiring satsang / sharing circle
-Seasonal practices based on Ayurveda
-Rejuvenating Pranayama
-Asansa to purify and open the chakras
-Stress, tension reduction & increased energy
-Self-awareness & concentration
-Self-love & personal empowerment

This is the perfect way to heal, renew and energize in the midst of daily life!

Private Vedic Astrology Readings with Christopher Burns

March 19th through March 26th

Investment: $140 for 90 minute session. To schedule a session, please call 215-482-7877 or email us!

Christopher was first introduced to Vedic knowledge by his mother Betheyla Anuradha. He fondly remembers practicing Yoga with her as he grew up and one of his favorite memories is of her giving palmistry readings to all his friends at his birthday party. Blessed with her guidance his interests in Yoga and Jyotisha (Vedic astrology) blossomed in his early twenties. In 2003 he received certification as a Universal Freestyle Yoga instructor through the tutelage of renowned Ukraine Yogi Andrea Lappa. Then in 2005 he began his formal study of Jyotish and received certification through the ACVA in 2007. Currently he has been furthering his studies in Jyotish with Sam ‘SadaSiva” Geppi, with an emphasis on relationship astrology. He is also the father of 3 boys, an award winning break dancer and a seasoned vegetarian chef. He currently resides in Eugene, Oregon from where he offers personal Yoga and Astrology consultations using the knowledge he has gained studying the great Vedic paradigm.

Understanding Your Karma through Vedic Astrology with Christopher Burns

Thursday, March 23rd from 7:00 - 9:00pm

Investment: $40

Karma is a concept in Hinduism which explains causality through a system where beneficial effects are derived from past beneficial actions and harmful effects from past harmful actions, creating a system of actions and reactions throughout a soul's reincarnated lives.

Dance of the Wild Jungle Kali with Paula Sam

Saturday, Mar 25, 2017 from 12:30pm - 1:30pm - this is a donation-based class, however Pre-Registration is required! To register, please email us or call 215-482-7877.

Assisted by: Judy Curiel and Charo Evangelista
All levels of experience and abilities are welcome. Chairs will be available if needed. Bring your mat!
Jungle Kali is the form of the dark Mother who has forsaken her own beauty to take on the pain of humanity.
Together we bow our heads to receive the skull mala from Jungle Ma. This Kali Natha Yoga series improves circulation and may open the arteries, creating blood flow. The lymph nodes are flushed, the hips and groin opens. It can be helpful for arthritis and carpal tunnel.
Each series includes:
* Asanas (postures)
* Pranayama (breathing exercises)
* Mudras (hand positions)
* Mantras (sacred syllables)
* Meditation

April 2017

Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga with Amanda Hall

Saturday and Sunday, April 1st and 2nd from Noon - 6:00pm

Investment - $130

This workshop will provide an overview of the basic structure and function of the body’s major systems as they relate to yoga. Amanda will review common diseases within these systems, and highlight relationships to the subtle body. She will incorporate a review of the latest scientific literature revealing yoga’s benefits and measurable physiological effects. This will be an interactive workshop with chanting, guided meditations, and group work.

Amanda Hall has practiced yoga since 2005, and been expanding her knowledge, skills, and passion for healing ever since. She has worked as both an adult and pediatric nurse in inpatient and outpatient settings, and is currently pursing a Family Nurse Practitioner Degree at Drexel University. She holds a certificate from Drexel in Integrative Therapies, and a B.S. in Biology from Washington College. Amanda is very passionate about integrating yoga and other non-pharmacological therapies into mainstream healthcare. She graduated from Yoga on Main’s YTT-200 hour training in the Spring of 2014, and is currently developing a yoga program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for adolescents with chronic headaches. She hopes to inspire upcoming yoga teachers to continue studying and sharing yoga as a holistic system for healing, prevention, and health maintenance.

Raja Yoga Meditation with Ed Zadlo

Three Wednesday Evenings, April 5th, 12th and 19th from 6:30 - 9:30pm

Investment - $75 for full series

Or $30 per class

Through the practice of deep meditation we can still the rambling mind, develop intuitive wisdom and touch that part of the Divine that lies within us all.

In this class you will learn more than a dozen progressive techniques of Raja Yoga, Tantra and Kriya Yoga, which lead one from asana, through pranayama, pratyahara, dharana into dyana (silence of the mind) – Meditation. Learn how to sit, breathe and how to meditate as you attain

Ed Zadlo D.Ay (Acharya Premanand) certified Ayurveda Practitioner and the first certified Ayurveda/Yoga Acharya in the U.S. has been practicing Yoga, meditating and teaching Vedic Studies for over thirty years. He is ordained in the KriyaYoga tradition, is a teacher of Raja Yoga and Ayurveda for The American Institute of Vedic Studies, and lives near Sumneytown, PA where he practices Ayurveda and teaches Meditation, Yoga and Vedanta.

The Source Teachings of Yoga - The Ancient Vedic Texts with Ed Zadlo

Saturday and Sunday, April 15th and 16th from Noon - 6:00pm

Investment: $130 for full weekend

Or $75 per day

The Vedas of ancient India are the universal root of much of the world’s mystical tradition. They contain a complete system of spiritual science, which includes all the practices of Yoga. This weekend workshop explores the wisdom of the ancient Himalayan Seers from the Vedas, Upanisands, Bhagava Gita, Yoga Sutras and other classic texts.

Ed Zadlo D.Ay (Acharya Premanand) certified Ayurveda Practitioner and the first certified Ayurveda/Yoga Acharya in the U.S. has been practicing Yoga, meditating and teaching Vedic Studies for over thirty years. He is ordained in the KriyaYoga tradition, is a teacher of Raja Yoga and Ayurveda for The American Institute of Vedic Studies, and lives near Sumneytown, PA where he practices Ayurveda and teaches Meditation, Yoga and Vedanta.