To register for any event, you can email us or call 215-482-7877 and we will respond as promptly as possible! Please also note our refund policy under Schedule & Fees. Thank you!

Ongoing Monthly/Bi-Monthly Events

Chakra Meditation and Oneness Blessing

Every Other Monday Evening from 6:30-8:30pm - next session - March 19th

Suggested Donation - $5-$10

The format for the evenings is Sharing Circle, Chakra Dhyana and Oneness Blessing. All are welcome!

Alternately facilitated by Maureen Malone, Sharon Stratton and Jana Pechmann Lunger, Oneness Blessing Givers.

To register, please call Maureen at 215-424-4444 or 215-431-8838.

The Chakra Dhyana is a very powerful Spiritual Practice to awaken Kundalini, connect you with higher conscious, and clear and activate the 7 chakras. Using the Chakra Dhyana, we briefly chant the Bija Mantras for each Chakra. At the conclusion of the Chakra Dhyana the Oneness Blessing will be given. The Oneness Blessing is an energy transfer that initiates a neuro-biological change in the brain that connects us with spirit. It results in a growth in consciousness by creating a shift in the perception and experience of life. It is non-denominational; and awakens our connection with the oneness in everything, allowing each of us to deepen our relationship with ourselves, those we love, and with all that is.

Early Morning Aquarian Sadhana

Sunday, March 18th from 5:00am - 7:30am


Get up before the sun and join us for this free practice in the amrit vela, the ambrosial hours before dawn. We start with about 20 minutes of reading from Japji Sahib, a Sikh scripture. After which we practice a Kundalini kriya (yoga exercises) together. Following the exercises, we chant the Aquarian mantras (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) for 62 minutes and enjoy a deep meditation. Start your day/week with this refreshing spiritual practice!

March 2018

Goddess Workshop with Mirella Nicholson

Saturday, March 17th from Noon - 3:00pm

Investment - $25

Navaratri Celebration

Navaratri is the nine day celebration in honor of the Goddess Durga. These sacred nine days are considered very auspicious days of the lunar calendar. It's a time to celebrate the Goddess and to reflect on how she manifests in our own lives. I hope you'll join me for a fun and interactive afternoon of exploring the archetypal energy of the Goddess Durga, Laksmi and Saraswati. Dress comfortably and bring a notebook or journal!

Spring Morning Retreat Week with Shiva Das

Monday, March 19th - Friday, March 23rd from 6:00-8:00am each day

Investment - $108 for the full week

Or $25 per day

Start the new season with this amazing week-long retreat, without traveling or taking off from work. We meet each morning for an intensive two-hour yoga/meditation class to experience the benefits of:

An inspiring satsang / sharing circle
Seasonal practices based on Ayurveda
Rejuvenating Pranayama
Asansa to purify and open the chakras
Stress, tension reduction & increased energy
Self-awareness & concentration
Self-love & personal empowerment

This is the perfect way to heal, renew and energize in the midst of daily life!

Kali Natha Yoga - The Yoga of the Divine Feminine with Shakti Durgaya Kali

Thursday, March 22nd from 7:00 - 9:00pm

Investment - $20

Pre-registration required! Please call 215-482-7877 or email us with any questions or to register via phone.

Kali Natha Yoga, as taught by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, is the mystical yoga of the Divine Feminine. During this introductory evening you will experience the Kali Natha Yoga asana series of the Divine Mother honoring Mother Kali, Shakti practices and an asana series dedicated to Mother Kundalini. Kali Natha Kundalini tantric pranayama practices will be interwoven through the evening. This practice is suitable for students of all levels and abilities.

Shakti Durgaya Kali, Kali Natha Yoga Acharya, has been sharing this mystical yoga for more than 18 years. She was initiated into Kali Natha Yoga by Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati, her guru and the founder of Kashi Ashram. Her passion is to share Ma Jaya's lineage and to ease every heart. 

April 2018

Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga with Amanda Hall

Saturday and Sunday, April 7th and 8th from 12noon - 6:00pm

Investment - $130

This workshop will provide an overview of the basic structure and function of the body’s major systems as they relate to yoga. Amanda will review common diseases within these systems, and highlight relationships to the subtle body. She will incorporate a review of the latest scientific literature revealing yoga’s benefits and measurable physiological effects. This will be an interactive workshop with chanting, guided meditations, and group work.

Amanda Hall has practiced yoga since 2005, and been expanding her knowledge, skills, and passion for healing ever since. She has worked as both an adult and pediatric nurse in inpatient and outpatient settings, and is currently pursing a Family Nurse Practitioner Degree at Drexel University. She holds a certificate from Drexel in Integrative Therapies, and a B.S. in Biology from Washington College. Amanda is very passionate about integrating yoga and other non-pharmacological therapies into mainstream healthcare. She graduated from Yoga on Main’s YTT-200 hour training in the Spring of 2014, and is currently developing a yoga program at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for adolescents with chronic headaches. She hopes to inspire upcoming yoga teachers to continue studying and sharing yoga as a holistic system for healing, prevention, and health maintenance.

The American Sanskrit Institute's Weekend Immersion - Introduction to Sanskrit with Robin Debreceni

Saturday and Sunday, April 28th and 29th from Noon - 8:00pm

Investment - $200

PERFECTLY REFINED, Sanskrit is the language of yoga. Anyone can resonate with Sanskrit's timeless sounds—and connect to words and ideas incredibly beautiful and profound. REWARDS ARE MANY for those who take the time to see, hear and feel the power and elegance of Sanskrit. Those interested in yoga philosophy particularly benefit from this study. This weekend workshop will give you intimate familiarity with the unique points of resonance in your own palate that support Sanksrit’s sacred sounds. And you’ll be firmly grounded in proper pronunciation of this ancient language. Along the way you’ll learn the alphabet—itself a lovely chant—and you’ll receive the tools you need to explore your favorite sutras and chants in the beautiful script of Sanskrit, devanāgarī. ASI’s teaching method, developed over many years by Vyaas Houston, makes learning Sanskrit stress-free and FUN!

Robin Debreceni finds great joy in sharing the beauty and resonance of the Sanskrit language and continues to pursue her own studies of Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutras through various workshops and classes. In addition to teaching Level I immersion weekends for ASI, she teaches on-going weekly Sanskrit classes at Trishula Yoga in Collingswood NJ and assists in curriculum development for ASI.  She is also in the apprentice program with Zoe Mai at Trishula Yoga where she teaches weekly Ashtanga classes.

June 2018

Injury Prevention and Awareness in Yoga with Dr. Martin Orimenko

Wednesday evening, June 6th from 6:30 - 9:30pm

Investment - $30

Dr. Martin Orimenko is a chiropractor, acupuncturist and naturopath, with training in Ayurveda, bodywork, nutrition and energy healing. Currently the director of Live Well Holistic Health Center in Ardmore, he has been in practice since 1990 treating a wide variety of conditions. He was the anatomy instructor for a St. Louis based massage school for eight years. Previous to this he taught biology at several private secondary schools, including Friends Select here in Philadelphia. He has had a yoga practice since the age of seventeen.