Inner Fire Yoga

Co-founders Shiva Das and David Newman have synthesized authentic traditional techniques of the Hatha Yoga practice to create "Inner Fire Yoga." This approach has a general basis in the 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga delineated by the great sage Patanjali in the definitive work, The Yoga Sutras. It is also influenced by the primary work on Hatha Yoga called the Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Swami Swatmarama and the ancient health and healing science of Ayurveda which looks at the individual needs of each person in the practice and application of yogic techniques.

The primary goal of Inner Fire Yoga is to provide an opportunity for all who have an interest to study and practice authentic yoga that is grounded in sound principles and time tested methodology which makes it a safe, supportive and healthy experience for growth at all levels! Specifically this practice is designed to create a positive and balanced effect on all aspects of human nature including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The sequencing of classes is designed to not only affect all aspects of the physical body but to work through and open the 7 primary energy centers called the Chakras in the subtle body. Each class includes a spiritually based intention (like honesty or contentment), a focus on the relationship of body and breath, therapeutic sequencing based on the intension, an artful blend of held and dynamically approached postures, challenging and gentler adaptation, adjustments for different body types, reflection between poses, the use of mantras (usually to start and end the class) and a continual focus on mental concentration.

Students are encouraged to start with Fundamental classes to develop a strong foundation with basic techniques and also to ease the body into a regular practice without stress or injury. It is also encouraged to meet privately with a skilled teacher for this same purpose, which is how yoga has always traditionally been taught!