Neem Karoli Baba

Neem Karoli Baba (?-1973) or Maharajji as He is more popularly known, is one of the greatest Indian saints of the 20th century. Maharajji's teachings were simple and universal. He often said, "Sub Ek" — All is One. He taught devotees to “love everyone, serve everyone, remember God, and tell the truth.” Strongly connected to Hanuman, the Hindu Deity who symbolizes devotion and selfless service, Maharajji “taught” in a highly personalized, non-traditional way that reflected the Bhakti path of the heart. Known as the “Miracle Baba”, Maharajji is best known for the unconditional love He showered on all who came into His presence as well as those who never met Him in the body but established a connection to him beyond the physical plane.

David Newman's connection to Neem Karoli Baba

"Although I had known about Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji) for many years, it wasn't until 1999 that I was touched by the magnitude of his living presence.  This "meeting" deeply changed my life.  Always a mystery but real nonetheless Maharajji brought me home to myself.  He showed me the path of love, gave me new eyes to see and brought devotion into my heart."